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The U.S. Department of State requires that all au pairs must complete 6 credits (or its equivalent if it is a non-credit course) at an accredited post-secondary institution over the course of their year. Host families are responsible for contributing up to $500 of this cost. Host families are also responsible for facilitating enrollment, providing time off and transportation so that their au pair can attend these courses. Normally a 3-credit college course is 45 hours, and a 4-CEU (continuing education units) course is 40 hours. Non-credit and audit courses are counted by the number of hours spent in the classroom. Continuing Education classes are normally less expensive.

At the end of the au pair’s year, she/he will be asked to submit documentation of her/his coursework via her/his online account.  This is required for successful program completion and for ensuring that an au pair receives her/his Certificate of Program Completion upon returning to her/his home country.  It is therefore important that you remain aware of all progress made by the au pair towards this requirement.

Useful websites that can be used to research post-secondary accredited institutions:

US Department of Education Office of Post-Secondary Education

Council for Higher Education Accreditation

Any course offered by institutions found on the above websites is acceptable provided that it is not an online/distance learning course, study tour, internship or volunteering program.

Au pairs are able to take credit courses, non-credit courses, or credit courses not for credit. Only if a course is a non-credit course are we able to count the classroom hours. If credits are given for a particular course, credits always trump hours.

Auditing Courses
Some schools allow students to take a credit course, but the student can elect not to receive a grade or be awarded transferable credits. This is usually referred to as auditing a course and some schools allowing auditing for discounted rates. Not all schools allow people to audit courses and it is often at the discretion of the teacher and based on space available.

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